Data Entry Service

Data entry Service in bangladesh

IT industry has opened up a new door for Bangladesh, as the hourly wage of data entry is very low in this country. IT employees are gaining expertise in this sector by working with several clients in one time. Bangladesh has already become a Giant in this sector as hundreds of new companies are handing us their data entry project.
Price Starts: $3/hour.

Collaborative portfolio or Brochures Design

With Carbon 51’s interactive digital brochures now you can easily impress your stakeholders by sending them your company/product/service portfolio. In this digital world brochure is the first step to interact with your stakeholders. E-mail doesn’t have enough space, functionality to fully utilize your vision.
Carbon 51’s interactive digital brochure assures you the communication you were seeking for so long.
Price starts: 30,000 ($350)

Dynamic or interactive Banner

Website traffic ratio means everything to a business, and we understand it completely. This is exactly the reason we take visitors visit time on your website very seriously. We compile all the banners/visuals you want to use in your website and create an animated elegant flash banner.
Our research showed us that only a little tweak like animated banner could increase visitors stay time by 60%.
Price starts: 5,000 tk ($75)