Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization has become one of the most powerful online marketing tools all over the world. It is true that in Bangladesh there are very few companies that have implemented SEO for their website promotion. But in the world of globalization you will obviously need to get your website as many visitors as possible. After all visitors are your prospective clients to whom you want present your product and services.

Why you will implement SEO

Though in Bangladesh it is almost beginning of search engine optimization but it is fairly an old concept for online marketing. Those who are not aware of search engine optimization; it is actually a procedure of influencing the visibility of a website in search engine’s “natural” or “organic” search results. This means without paying to the search engine like Google or yahoo you can find your website in the search engine result through SEO. For more understanding suppose you want to build website for your company and you search for a web designing company by typing the keyword “Web design in Bangladesh” you will find two different types of results in Google search engine. At the upper portion of your search yellow box and right hand sidebar are the paid links. Below the top adds you will find un-pain or natural search result. These sites have acquire the position in the search engine by fulfilling all the requirements so that they are considered most qualified, reliable, and convincing websites or web pages on the field.

By creating a website easily accessible for both user and search engine robots a business can fulfill the vital part of search engine optimization.