Frequently Asked Questions

How can I add new features to my site during the development cycle?

In that case we would advise you to wait until the primary requirements are completed. But if it’s a necessary feature or related to your business outcome then we can discuss how we can implement that feature.

What are the payment procedures available at your company?

For local Client we always encourage our clients to pay by A/C pay cheque. We also accept payment through wire transfer by using Visa/Mastercard.

What is the procedure of domain Registration and Hosting Service?

There are dedicated companies who offer domain registration and hosting services. Like other companies we also provide domain and hosting service. You can choose from our given packages in hosting area.

What if I already have a hosting account or I want to consume hosting service from other provider and at the same time you will be the developer of our website?

Yes absolutely you can. But it would be better if you can take both services from us.

I want to have my own website and what are the steps I need to take?

You can fill-up our quote form or you can mail us at

How can I update my website content?

We develop every site using Dynamic content management system so that our clients can change contents from admin panel. We also provide user manual and video tutorial for our clients.

Can you give me some idea about the time and cost estimation of a website?

The necessary price and time of a project varied with the variation of requirements and contents. Also resource allocation can be considered as a vital issue for the website.

How much we need to pay to start the work?

We have a policy that a client needs to give us a work order along with 30% advance to start project. But this option will be negotiable depending on the situation.

Can you briefly explain the web design and development service?

Our brief working procedures are given below

  1. Client will provide us reference or wireframe or give the idea of the project
  2. We will provide web graphics or web template or known as PSD file
  3. After client’s confirmation we will convert the layout into Html
  4. After Choosing development platform we will develop the website
  5. QA Team will test the website
  6. We will deploy the website

What are the services you provide after the completion of the project?

We provide following services after the completion of the project

  1. Site back-up and maintenance
  2. Design change with in the defined requirements
  3. Bug fixing
  4. Also other services that is defined in service agreement