Software Development

Our first concern is to build an intuitive and usable system for our client to achieve their goal in the shortest and easiest manner. We always focus on client communication throughout the development of the system as well as after deployment.

During building a system we always think the system as our own product and that’s why our keen focus always monitors the performance of the system.

Requirement Analyzing:

Our System Analysts analyze the system requirements comprehensively before getting into the design of the software which ensures that we build the right product for the right people and obviously in the right time. Our main intention is to build a system with low Cost, low Time and high Quality. And we are happy to say that from 2007 to till now we are keeping our commitment.

Market Research:

Before building a product we perform market research to check the feasibility of the system for upcoming days. Depending on our report clients tweak their plan for the system and proceed accordingly which is always remains a competitive approach towards our clients apart from other software development companies.

Human Computer Interaction (HCI) Analysis:

As a first Bangladesh based software firm we perform HCI analysis for our client’s requirement as per their request. We analyze the intuitiveness, responsiveness and effectiveness of a system through random user analysis. We capture the feedback of targeted users of the user to achieve the maximum usability of the system an end user can have.

Software Development:

We follow agile methodology as our software development process. Our deployment is performed through iterative process. In this way our clients remain benefited as they are able to use the partial system as soon as a module developed. It helps our clients to take vital change request decision for future module. After getting the software requirement specs we start to design architecture of the software and finally the blueprint of the software handed over to the developers.

Testing our system:

Generally we perform three types of testing for our systems. To check the functionality of a system we go with functional testing. At the final stage of SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) we test our system with regression and performance testing. These three types of testing ensure the quality of the software which is performed through our dedicated QA Team.